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[Verse 1: Jon Bartley] I'm in the game like Capcom, that's Jon Guess that I'm the king like I came out of ackwrong That's wrong, my stats long, I guess that, my act strong Mad songs, so I'm the one to put your stacks on Pa**ed on, to many different generations No hesitation aiming for the highest elevations That's dedication you can see it in the soul Hand on the wheel and I'm feeling in control But I don't have a license because I'm lazy Stayed in the booth k**ing sh** Call me John Wayne Gacy Taking rap back like I just hit 88 in the DeLorean Speeding down the interstate [Hook: Jon Bartley] They told me 16's an emotional age With this simple motion put my 16's on a page And we can see through the haze The shining light of artistry Pardon me This rap sh** is just a part of me x2 [Verse 2: Jon Bartley] Most rappers like Kobe cause they fade away You might think I'm shooting cause I pray and spray Going day to day and trying to pave the way Went from on Live looking for a game to play Now I'm live in the game chasing fame today I'm running this go and grab me a Gatorade On the way to pave And in the lab I stayed I made my own beats guess I came away from jade And this could be Dwayne Wade cause I bring the heat Metaphorically putting up 3's from D I don't need the sleep I guess I said before Most 9 to 5 well mine's 10 or more I got a set to score I want my name in lights The explanation for all of these sleepless nights I mean I need this right? So I'm coming with the new Out with the old what else would I do?

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