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The Cambiata - The Colour of Women lyrics

String me up
Strung up

She is the thesis of
A serpent like love
I'm on the train tracks now
And it shouldn't be long
Before I cut open animals
That know the words and sing along

Oh, it's such a lovely color
I wish that you'd wear it more often
But if rosebuds take flight twice
Bury my name

Sex! Alas! I'm a vortex
And lies fall asleep on your riverbeds
I'm not going back tomorrow, or any day
So that smiling treason will have to wait

Oh, it's such a lovely color
I wish that you'd wear it more often
If tree lines a**imilate me
There'll be hell to pay

The night I met her we felt like leopards
We had them long incisor teeth
With which to bite each other
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Sometime after Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas
When it was starting to be warm
And seeds were starting to turn into flowers
We fell hard and deeply out of love
It was neither of our faults
But I always blame myself
Late during those nights
When I evade all that sleep
It's as if she was the beginning
Where as I was the end

On that day last fall
We left each other in the best of spirits
I drove your car
Through the quiet dark Portland fog
You captivate me
As if I was a queasy aloof patron
You captured me
And spilled my blood on your apron
You are the bane of my existence, girl

You are not the displaced child I met
You are not the quiet child I met
You just destroyed me
You are waging war with a powerful enemy
You just destroyed me
Remember, remember
I created you, I constructed you

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