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The Cambiata - Shards of Pornography lyrics

I had a girl who I treated like the wind
I gave up on her love before we began
I'm a board with nails coming out
She is grace (grey ace)
Which would be fine
If we weren't both trying to save face

We are on the threshold of saddening times
We are on the verge of severing torrid ties

I met a girl today
Who says she likes to cut her legs
But that I shouldn't worry
But I do
Her ambiguity is cruel
But I guess I'm okay (alright, maybe)
Maybe its crazy
But I don't see in lieu in here
Why do I seem to rub everyone the wrong way
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And fail to make myself clear?

I am on the threshold of offing myself
For the pain that I seem to cause everyone else

I don't want to use my throat to vote anymore
But I can't seem to help it
Mama, I'm so clean
That they used to call me Mr. Sheen
And I guess that I believed them
I refuse to use my heart to roam anymore
But it cannot be helped
Trust me

Somewhere there's a crack in the sidewalk
Bigger than the shadow of death in this town
And I will find it
And out in L.A. where the kids say oooh...
I really am someone cool, or I'm just bored

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