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The Cambiata - Reign of Apples lyrics

Bust it!

You are the warmest fire
The boy resides with his flame
We are so pure
We lack the warbled feud

Hi, I'm the killer of your mind's eye
I've come to save your girlfriend
She likes me better
Though I'm no more clever
Than a cleverly edited letter
I wrote to show I wrote
Pull on your tides
Apples and cyanide
Come together
Together to make holes of my body

You are the warmest fire

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We sat under the thunder
And spoke
We sat under the bridge, doll
And wrote

Bury my ashes
Where the river runs thick
In mortal blood
And scatter away

You're so like a bird girl
You know how I love watching you fly away
Today a coin was just tossed up in the air
And I haven't got an excuse no more

We aren't suspended like stars
Or amulets tonight
We all gave up on the silliest fight
I fall at the price of what this is
I'm just a boy and I quit
I quit, I quit, I quit

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