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The Cambiata - Once, in a Minor Manor Pt. II lyrics

No one goes down to that house on a hill at the end of my street no more
Windows all boarded up
It's been burning a hole in my mind since the time that I first let it in
I guess we are all abrupt

Easy tiger
You have no frame of reference
I could be your shady, dark entry

I am god damn
I am, am

I just died, I just
I guess I just saw a ghost
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Pretend to be someone she is not
In bed with a pen in the lions den
While you're somewhere at the ball
Looking at a photograph of me
But probably not

Easy tiger
It's not so bad as your books say
Sweet pea, you liar
You'll never be what your books say
I am your shady, dark entry
Sweet pea, calm down
We're not so bundled up

I am god damn

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