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The Brothers Bright - Second's Glance lyrics

Gentlemen let me take the stage
And teach you a thing or two
If you want to be rid of your disbelief
Your sight must be improved

The magic of a second's glance;
The spark between two lover's hands;
The world it pulls them close to kiss;
That's magic in their fingertips

How you to know
There's a calmastry
Whitch proves your theory wrong
Illusions are wonders of majestry
I conjure all day long

The magic of a second's glance;
Watch close the smiling children dance;
There's adventure with no end in sight;
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That's magic in our child's eyes

The stage has been my only company
(a tragedy)
Alone when everybody leaves
(Dont you leave the magic of this day)
A curse that I myself abandoned
(Lend me your hand)
Here is my hand
(Open your eyes)
Open my eyes

The magic of a second's glance;
The beauty of a second chance;
To give yourself and to understand;
That's magic
That's magic
That's magic

In you

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