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The Brothers Bright - It's Wonderful Life lyrics

Ha ha!
I'm the king of excess
I'm the sultan of sales
I'm the boss of bargains
My credit cards they never fail
I've got a 700 something on my beacon score
Which means I don't own a thing and I can buy even more
I'm a buffet-eating, tabloid-reading lovable guy
I get the best of the best that my money can't buy!

It's a wonderful life!
It's a wondferful life!
With my readheaded wife (readheaded wife)
It's a wonderful life!

I'm the prince of impress
Oh I'm the chief of cha-ching (yeah!)
Oh I'm better than Julie Andrews
I get more than a few of my favourite things
I spent 700 dollars but I saved 10 percent
On this samurai sword, but I forgot to pay rent
I'm a bottom-dealing, system-beating trustworthy guy
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And I'll break even when my pet pig learns to fly!

Hey there fella, gimme a thousand dollars!
A thousand dollars, wow, why?!
Cause I wanna buy a llama!
A llama, why?!
Because I can, here's a dime! It's my down payment
Who wants a llama ride? Anybody? Too soon?

A-do you need more money?
Do you need more cash? (oh yeah)
Do you need a bigger house and a big old car
And a big old burger in a tiki bar
And a big old rocket to reach big old Mars
Do ya!

We want more!
We want more!
We need more!
I buy Japanese with my American pride
To keep the Joneses at bay I buy four-oh-five
I'm a steak-lovin', beer-guttin' huggable guy
And I used to be friends with the Magnum P.I

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