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The Brook Lee Catastrophe - A Devil's Truth lyrics

By the time you read this letter
You'll be old enough to know
I was six months your mother's senior
When I turned 15 years old
It's been so long, so long

She hitchhiked up from Oceanside
Found her way to my front door
We were kids making a mess
Of making love down on the floor

From the moment we first met
We had belonged to other people
And she didn't have the heart to start the part
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Of asking me to be faithful
She was so wrong, so wrong

When she told me about you
I quit high school and joined the Corps
I was a kid making a mess of making plans
For love and war

And lies, lies, lies, lies, lies are the devil's truths
And life, life, life, life, life is an angel's proof

That's how you became my son
With or without my blood
You are the spitting image of a lie
I fell for once

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