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The Blackout Argument - Fine Feathers Make Fine Birds lyrics

Pressure to perform on New Year's Eve
Bad resolutions for you
They told me that every chapter is
From day one on predetermined
So lose your voice and stop to think
Lose your faith. Stop your plans. Stop your plans
Fine feathers make fine birds
And it's the ignorance that hurts
Decide which colour you would follow now
Break the rules of fate
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Design your steps with spades
Stand your ground and keep your lips off lies
Fine feathers do not make any fine birds
We will s** up the so called poison
And reach every hazard you built
Melt down the a**-kisser society
So we will be released from all that pressure day in day out
So give me one good reason why we should give up the fight
This is the thought that wakes you up at night

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