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The Bilinda Butchers - Edo Method lyrics

If I'm held in your heart
You can cry on my arm
If you did all you said
I'll forget that you lied, what you did

All this time out at war
Made us strong, made us poor
But I've gained many things
Clarity, who it brings

On this bed, where I lie
d**h's eyes comfort me
Your letters, I sent back
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Now it's your face that I see

I love you more than I ever did
Clarity is my oldest friend
All the way in the countryside
Wondered a million things
Like how I could ever love again
But now you'd die with me gracefully
All this time I was looking for
What was right in front of me

All the way downtown even if they took it from us
By your side, I'll be, when Edo fades away

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