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The Bilinda Butchers - Tanka ft. Lamp lyrics

[Japanese soliloquy]

Cold like snow, dying eyes
Laying beside you one last time
I turn to the north and close my eyes
Praying for rain

And all along I knew one day that you would leave
And now the final night in front of me
So speak no words to me tonight
Leave no trace behind

'Cause I can't be the one to watch you
'Cause if you go I'll follow you
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And every single dawn that pa**es I pray for your return
Thirteen months have taken you this golden house won't burn
And if I could believe that you would return to me
Let's celebrate this house of gold that will not fall from rain
And when the winter pa**es I will count the months again
Because when they say you're gone
The rain and I are one

'Cause I can't be the one to watch you
'Cause if you die I'll follow you

I feel safe with you
Feel safe

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