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The Axis Of Perdition - Reflections of the Underdark lyrics

(Lyrics: Test Subject MGB)

Join me here where the stark trees whirl their shadows in the nuclear winds
Under bloated, acid-stained clouds collapsing in upon themselves
I have clambered through the chains that mask my prison to witness
The effigies of dead earth that symbolise your gods are crumbling

I saw how toxic and poisoned life became in that stench-ridden dark
I am the first of its spawn to crawl distorted and free out of the filth
Where the shadows wove a veil for that which slithers through charnel warrens
Where your herd means nothing in awe of our ravenous hive

Devour, blind and twitching young of the chain-linked shadows....

The feeding frenzy ends when nightmare propagates a soul
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Now we revel in the secretive confluence of abominations
A face stretched to accommodate its malice
Devouring the grotesque dancers with its eyes
Scribing its name in the pit of excrescence with malformed hands
Learning how to writhe inside its messy skin grafts
Eating towards the surface in a foul swathe of dripping air
Malignant one, skin ripping the world

A distorted crown of bones is worn as a blindfold
By the contorted avatar, trembling in excitement
Slug-like and repellent in undeserved splendour
Consummate priest of the void betrayed by eloquence

Devour, blind and twitching young of the chain-linked
screen....the shadows....
He...chaos that crawls spider-like through its abyss....

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