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The Axis Of Perdition - The Changer lyrics

Cloying membranous tissue mucosa coating amniotic drench
Adjustment to temporary peace before the new torment begins
The darkened womb is warm and soft air heavy with the reek of fear
Anticipation fills the respite
A womb-like peace after the slog through pain
I feel the changer before me I feel the changer within me
I will break you I will peel away
Useless shreds of self and remould your mind
I will shape you I will hone your pain
Into a living blade to sculpt the world anew
I feel its presence seeping into my bones
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Conundrum given shape that I might grasp its meaning
In the shadows of recessed dark
Knotted in the spiral matter
The changer waits and weighs the supplicants
Those it finds unworthy it amalgamates
Absorbed in mind and flesh into the spiral
The mindless seething ma** of howling flailing limbs
The eternal writhing torment the agonised coalescence
I am judged of superior ilk
It turns its baleful influence upon me
My mind and flesh begin to warp unravel

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