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The Axis Of Perdition - Disintegration lyrics

Coiling and uncoiling I am transfigured perception and sanity are washed away
Limitation of the flesh no longer restrict I flow from form to form shaped by my desires
Explosively expanding consciousness filling all lacuna with tendrils of knowledge
Shapelessly exploring new found intelligence flailing through arbitrary forms I test myself
My form now follows my function as progenitor of a new world
I am both seed and womb I will follow the ichneumon method
Planting my children in the worlds yielding flesh
Engorging on uncorrupted meat we shall multiply
We will nestle in the worlds warm breast
Spreading beneath the surface burrowing deep
We will slough off the dry dead surface reality
I am the s**ling spore I am the seedling
I am the breeding germ I am the foetus I see the layers peeled away
The beauty of the terrors I enjoyed disintegration of the minds cataracts
Revealing the glory of the greater truth behind all
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Sight s**ed clean of light all delusions are torn away
I already was what I have become I was my own torment and pain
Render the veil made of flesh the illumination leaves no crack untouched
Here in the womb of red understanding I comprehend the spiral and weep
It was with me all along coiled inside my muted mind twisted and writhing to be free
To unleash the horrid potential stored within
I broke myself I was my own tormentor I was the illness I am the cure
I was Pylon in the dark shadow I was the letter and the library
I was the hanging man and the light in the pit I was the blow to the head
I placed myself upon the spider
I tended my own wounds and locked myself inside the tenements
I told myself this was not the end, but the beginning
Now I gift myself back into the world I stand in the doorway beckoning them in
Soon the world will weep with joy
When the world has been prepared for rebirth

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