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The Axis Of Perdition - One Day You Will Understand Why lyrics

Many times I have been asked, "what is the axis?"
They ask me, too blinded to realize that they see it everywhere.
Our world is becoming diseased and corrupted.
Filth - adorned as compulsively, without choice to subvert our world
To the image of our increasingly debased flesh.
Because our collective conciousness knows the truth:
You want it, you crave it. This is a new order of beauty.
Why else would we pollute and rape our planet if not
To ritually prepare the world for the coming darkness?
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We are the architects of our own hell, and we do our work with relish and ..., willingly, eager. We grovel, unseeing, towards a repulsive yet horribly attractive (alto choir) of rust, helplessly begging it to come to our dying existence; our perception in turn models our requirement, ... . Filth, adorned through our fear and self-loathing until the nearest molecule rise to be accumulated, wreaking of despair, and guilt.

Humanity's hideous grossness fell through, ... conscience. Get the new reality and cries in agony for there is something awake in our burnished flesh. For the dark. Nightmares immerse themselves, quivering and mewling without mouths. Gazing, stupefied, where eyes should not. The world will become a sewer. We stumble through derelict cooridors and labyrinths of crusted flesh where wheelchairs circle endlessly in the shadows, to a choir of murmorous and tortured cries speaking only of pain, condemnation, misery, and wretched hunger. Hospital trolleys drip with glistening cloth in the hallway of crawling filth, lying silent and bloated.

Crossing through the boundaries of our world into the encroaching horror of the transition that we know, we know that the end will come. This is it - you know this. I now have called a clinical cacoon of abnormality, and yearn towards the warmth of rot. ... . Even as we gag, the air reaks with the unpleasant sweetness of dated decay as we stagger through the maze of perdition toward its pneumatical centre. Straight-jacketed things writhe in their owns nightmares, gradually becoming human. Even as we claw down the abyss, to raise that (fog). As they become us we become them - a union of suffering. All convulsive dark in the end. The hell we have created for ourselves ... . You had a choice, you made it, and now your fate unfolds before you.

Welcome. What is the axis?

We are.

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