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The Axis Of Perdition - Chained in the Damnation Asylum lyrics

See the beast in the forest of interchanging mirrors
Feel the stinging breath of the hounds upon your neck
Pouring ravenous from sky-cathedrals riddled with chthonic pulse
Beyond the breaking point of human conceptions

(Through the) dark embrasure....

Crouch paralysed in the circle of salt and await the end
Torch-beams glitter on the rust-caked torture implements
The vile, barbed accoutrements of the chambers of agony
Blind, slithering chains scatter the circle heaped around you
The bloodstained hooks glide eagerly towards your flesh
While you spit your soul into the filth

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Pull down the stars and brand them into the shrivelled eyes of God
Grind the temples into gravel and tear his face with the shards
Sunder the cross into thirteen stakes and pierce his emaciated flesh
This is the promise of those who make us as insects

Let Satan cling feebly to god, they shall be destroyed together

All engulfing pain seeping through the vulnerable angles
The hounds slip on the breath of night and vault the shadows
While horrors whose face-tentacles twitch in eagerness
Consume the crumbling idols of your gods...
Human gods...
All-too-human gods!

Tindalosi be our salvation....

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