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THC - 20TakeItAll lyrics

Watseba... its T.H-C (say it), Its T.H-C (say it)… haaaaa
Its 20-TAKE-IT-ALL x2, I work damn hard, so I deserve to ball, its 20-TAKE-IT-ALL that's my M.O as I walk through the mall... its 20takeitall, its 20takeitall
[Verse 1]
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Its 20 Take It All, gotta make it all, first thought when I wake up, how to get my cake up and ball, hating on me, I don't care at all, carry on, I just get my Nelson on, Long walks to freedom, Living what I'm dreaming, working while you Z-Z, grinding while you tweeting, eating over sleeping, I'm 20 Something, I deserve to ball, get involved in bar brawls, get hardcore with hot broads and beat car, I'm like reefer to your speakers, in my adidas, chasing these madiba's, over achiever, to boast my girl is way too eager, I stay hot when I drop, meteor, warning to the media, it's my year better yet my millennium, blowing money like bombs in an ATM, I ball, y'all can watch stadium, I work hard, don't need no awards, all I want is rewards, attitude spells success like keyboards, I want it, so I'ma take it all, Fullstop!
[Verse 2]
Now I'm only after benefits, my ambition is unlimited, highly gifted, so I gift rap, every track feels like Christmas, only spit facts, got a big bag, zig zags and a six pack, no tic tac, my chick bad, out of 10 she a 20, I tell her, take it off, I'm taking off, like a rocket, now that its popping, they like to the top he went and he took his whole squad with him, understand, ain't no mountain high enough! To stop me from getting it, stuck my neck out for n***as, in a cut throat industry and in return I get knives in my back, so in turn, no more interns, I stick with my firm, stay with my boys like ed, edd and eddy, like the tour de France, we stay dope and keep peddling, FNB S.M.S's, amounts we get em in work and bezerk, forever young, cause forever its..

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