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THC - Collard Greens lyrics

[Verse 1 - Young Stoney]
Smoking on some veggies though
That Chevy smoke, gotta heavy flow
She gimme steady throat
If she about to cum she let me know
Adidas only shoe collection
Got em all upset like when you lose a necklace
Screaming fuck em all cause my mood is reckless
I tell em like this, Adida Gang is the best answer
Fresh to death clothes on my body like ya boy was dressed cancer
I know I got your feet tapping like a fucking step dancer
Long as she gotta a big booty I don't care if her breast standard
Everybody tell me that I'm living wrong
Maybe cause I hit a bong
Maybe cause I did this song
Maybe we could get along if you would fucking learn something
You get everything and don't ever earn nothing
I burn something every time I write up in this book
Life be the title, you gon judge it by the way it look
You like an STD, ain't worth catching so I'm save the hook
Ride the wave, it's hi today and bye the next
Sleeping in a pilot's jet
My eyes is red, my life is death
People looking for the truth right by me and acting like they ain't' even found it yet
I'm the truth and that is not a lie
There's no need to falsify
I'm smoking gas, the fossils die
She gotta friend who's also bi
She's sun kissed, I call her sky
She call me drunk, I hit reject
No Nikes when I get my check
Weed up in my cigarette
You can smell it in my breath
It's Young Stoney in the flesh
In my zone, I'm out my mind
I sip patron when on my grind
My prayers ain't' for my enemies
She want me inside of her enclosed just like parenthesis
I don't need your memories, I just need extremities
Money and pussy be the remedies
Hot as 100 ten degrees
Dog just stop yo sentence please
That's better

[Verse 2 - LB]
Thirst for revenge
It's a curse for the end
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Ink blots on my mind cause I murk with the pen
And she jerk when I'm in cause I'm too raw
Been running through my mind take your shoes off
I blast off on bath salts
See the real you with the mask off
And that tag on them new shoes cause it's too rare like a blue moon
I'm too rude on any beat
This Collard Greens, I'm finna' eat
And this luxury, come fuck with me
Got tons of seeds, I'm finna' breed
I'm branching out this company
This rap game gave love to me
Probation so I'm drug free
I ain't' with y'alls lame ass fuckery
It's satisfaction, I'm racking up, body bagging and tagging these facts
I'm bragging
You think you too fly, now I'm slapping the captain
Stop nagging
You talking shit but all I hear is whispers and rumors
My head is getting big like it was filled up with tumors
See the 254 my fucking county but the 254 ain't' where they found me
See this water you tread, and we over there head like a fucking bounty
I say it proudly
I think you may need some more confidence
I beat the beat like Rocky bitch
Yo whole team try to stop me bitch
It ain't working
It's AG, It's closed curtains
Yo buzz over, this flow murking
I've been slow but I run over yo whole circuit
You clown ass, you frown ass
These funds over yo down ass
I been up and stayed up, like trampolines I bounce back

[Outro - Young Stoney]
Adida Gang
Nah I'm playing
Y'all know who it is
Y'all know who we be
And y'all know who be killing shit
And I'm a say it like I always say it
Adida Gaaang!
Time Alone 3
Collard Greens
Ya little bitch

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