Thalab - 2 Sails lyrics

2 Sails lyrics


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Tell me, Muse, about the man of many turns Who left behind a warm home, early dawn And took to the sea I got a letter on a lonesome day About a ship coming my way An old friend at the helm He said, “Old friend, if I could tell you All the beautiful sh** that I've been through On this fine young vessel Across the old big blue” “But now old friend we're running short on crew And maybe – i don't know why – but I thought of you Would you like to join us and come see it too?” So now I'm on a boat Yes I'm on a boat No I wont need more I got two sails and a song Mediterranea At home a wife is left behind She said “How, my love, did this thought cross your mind? In the depths of the sea what do you seek to find?” Oh my love I think I'll be just fine I hope you can come to understand in time Now if you come a little closer we can finish that wine The broken lover didn't take it very well She left with a cute “I hope you rot in hell” And I was left with the bottle all by myself But now I'm on a boat Yer I'm on a boat No I wont need more I got two sails and a song Well, how indeed mortal men do curse the gods Man, I tell you each of us Build the ball and chain

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