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Thalab - 2 Sails lyrics

Tell me, Muse, about the man of many turns
Who left behind a warm home, early dawn
And took to the sea

I got a letter on a lonesome day
About a ship coming my way
An old friend at the helm

He said, “Old friend, if I could tell you
All the beautiful shit that I've been through
On this fine young vessel
Across the old big blue”

“But now old friend we're running short on crew
And maybe – i don't know why – but I thought of you
Would you like to join us and come see it too?”

So now I'm on a boat
Yes I'm on a boat
No I wont need more
I got two sails and a song

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At home a wife is left behind
She said “How, my love, did this thought cross your mind?
In the depths of the sea what do you seek to find?”

Oh my love I think I'll be just fine
I hope you can come to understand in time
Now if you come a little closer we can finish that wine

The broken lover didn't take it very well
She left with a cute “I hope you rot in hell”
And I was left with the bottle all by myself

But now I'm on a boat
Yer I'm on a boat
No I wont need more
I got two sails and a song

Well, how indeed mortal men do curse the gods
Man, I tell you each of us
Build the ball and chain

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