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TGIFlamez - PornYes lyrics

[Verse 1]
I ain't worried 'bout shit like a coon, I'm [?]
I ride around with my bitch like Bonnie and Clyde-a
Oops, I meant Clyde, hit it from the side
When that pussy start fartin', that mean you doin' it right
But you ain't doin' it right 'cause you ain't ever did it before
She ask you, "Is it in?", you ain't hit it before
She like the snake, she got a deep throat
I do it big like the height on my physical

Porn? No
Porn? Hell, no
[Verse 2]
We in this bitch shakin' like a Rick Ross seizure
She say she want a piece of pizza, my dick like Little Caesar's
Just to fuck with you, she gon' grab the tweezers
You try new shit, eat ass just to please her
Me, I don't, neither, got wet hoes by the liter
She say just to measure me, she gonna use some meters
But I ain't talkin' 'bout meals, doe
She ain't a lesbo, but she know the dildo

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[Verse 3]
She a freaky bitch, young dog, new tricks
Do a split on the dick, won't stop movin' like she got to piss
She can hang like a nigga gettin' lynched
Take off my shirt, pull hoes, I think I'm Prince
She play Rose actin' like she can take the pain
I can keep it wet up in that thing like Purple Rain
I'm Ashanti, you can make it rain down on me
Bitch, please


[Verse 4]
Now she moanin' like Lisa, give me head like teaser
She callin' me daddy so I call her Mother Teresa
And I'm strapped up like [?], treatin' hoes [?]
Hit your ho with some Bordeaux and I'm out, bitch, like tally-ho
No cyber-sex, no hanky hoes
Ugly, but look good on her avi, doe
If I'm not smacking, then I'm packing
No dilly-dallying, this is the finale


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