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TGIFlamez - Coon N The Room lyrics

I've came a long way
Ramen noodles to Rosé
From hoes playin' roles, now they wanna role play
Never had minutes on my pre-pay
Now I got a metro
What the fuck I gotta stunt fo'
Now these hoes always ask me
Why I'm so cashy
Not rich bitch I was just a little ashy
Hate when niggas always try to be flashy
Now they on Worldstar, gettin' they ass beat
I'm not ballin' like Mr. Clean I'm ballin' like Cassie
Rather catch a bus then pay for a taxi
I would never front, rather lay across the back seat
That's some real cool shit if you ask me

Damn, I just walked in this room
Felt like being "that nigga" was an understatement
If you dont' know me, that's cool
I'm ZelooperZ, how are you
Like revive, I make moves
I wanna welcome you all to the Coon N The Room
I'm the mothafuckin' coon in the room
I call bitches bitches, you can call me rude
I'm tall as hell, my left ear protrudes
I make them songs that make you wanna fool
And then sue
In ? ?
They used to laugh at him
Now the same hoes, flash cameras
Now there is no need to assume
? this bitch up, you have entered the room

[Verse 1]
? you to seen the nigga that you need to
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I'm not the type of nigga that you would be used to
I feel that I'm the one, I hope the feeling's mutual
I used to be a bum, now I'm winning like Pooh
Coon, don't get it misconstrued
I worked hard just to blow like an inner tube
Niggas copyin' my style like a interlude
Get you bitch wet like dew cause she seen the fondue
Hop up in this bitch like a nigga with a attitiude
Old hoes talkin' 'bout boy I'm mad at you
Cause I'm 'bout cross the globe like latitude
And I kept it straight up like longitude
Big do a lot of shit like I worked at the zoo
Swear I stay high, just like noon
I'm 'bout to blow like a fuckin' nuke
For my city where my niggas wear them ?


[Verse 2]
Zeloominati, ZelooperZ
Try to size me up You gon' need 313 rulers
We had to go through almost 50 rulers
Just to get to the nigga, you get the picture?
And lowkey he might be that antichrist
But I can't hate on the first nigga just to do it, right?
We do it right, I guess it's in our right
All those faces that's white, write what they fuckin' like
All these wins are the only thing that feels right
I ain't takin' no L's like a chess knight
These long days, they be the best nights
I'm in the hood but I'll be gone on the first flight
Like I never flew before
I'm ballin out like everything was new before
I'm in my room eatin' Ramen noodles ho
This is my first time attending my own funeral


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