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TG - Off The Dome lyrics

Skiyaa, Skiyaa

[Verse 1]
Freestyle off the top, off the dome
I do it home
I'ma bite the chicken down to bone, yeah
I'ma keep a bunch of children 'round me, call me Kony
I'm the one, no pony, no imagination
I'm the one yeah, the one yeah
Trini reppin', I'm the son yeah
Not the moon, cuz' I don't need the sun yeah
I don't need me, I need you and the funds yeah
That's the way I do it, that's the way I do it
That's how I say it, that's how I play it
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How I flip the pie, and a how I put the potato on
And the way how I, how I fly, sigh, sigh, sigh
I'ma draw on this page like Sai
I'ma curate, anything that's in my mind
I'ma do it like a science, like the God subject that's maths
Mats on the floor, yeah
Ain't no koi in my floor, I'm not digging up no floor
I got no marble, but I got the marbles on the floor
When use to play with it as a kid
But now I'm big, I'm gonna get it
Then I'll put marbles on my floor

Let's get it
Chef Hits, Chef Hits, Chef Hits
Yeah, yeah, that's how I do, how I do
Off the dome, off the dome

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