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TG - Gotta Do It lyrics

[First Verse - T.G.]

I Would rather do this all on my own man
Swear it's the only way I know man never had a hand out from no man..
Got the keys to a T like they around the belt
Triple threat with it yall just slow me down when you trying to help...
One man team 'round here man you know the deal...
You can that 9 to 5 behind a desk as your career...
It's fun being like everybody else ain't it..
I've never had that feeling nor will I be changing man...
Tuition ain't no joke nowadays gotta get paid..
Haven't seen a check once I started back in 10th grade..
It's crazy that I'm still here and it's all free
I'd rather give you what's priceless boy I ain't cheap..
Do it so my fam stop stressin' bout their financials...
That's the kinda small talk I can't handle..
It's crazy when you gotta work for what you got
Don't lettem get the chance to think about taking that same spot boy...

[Hook - T.G.]

No matter what it is...I gotta go beyond
I don't have a choice...I can't ask why..
All I know is that...
I gotta do it, I just gotta do it, I gotta do it...
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[Second Verse - T.G]

It's only right I bring the heat man it's summer time...
Sick of all these dudes fakin' it to make it...
The college party bangers always running out of rhymes..
That weekend no one cares about screams basic..
Man let's face it, it's clear who's really got it
I ain't cocky but know where my damn spot is..
So don't be calling me asking for any favors
Don't affiliate with artists who lookin' for life savers man..
I know myself and always have son nothings changed..
Just growing into who I'm s'posed to be with older age..
I do what I do for the people not attention..
Too many people living for the likes or mentions ahhh man..
Didn't mean to sidetrack..
But I had to lettem know these people don't know where their minds at..
Preaching like it's Sunday morning when you're all sleeping..
I'm teaching, I got something they don't now they stuck reaching..
Been doing this on my own...since five years ago..
Don't see it changing any time soon, on the low..
That's life, definition straight outta the book..
Wanna do all that I can before I'm took..


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