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TG - Gift Rap (2013) lyrics

[Intro: T.G.]

Uh! Flow cold and Satan want a jacket
Just tryna stay fresh in a world that wreaks havoc
Yeah I got a gift so I'm just gift wrapping
Let these lyrics rip like December 25th
So what you get?

[Verse 2: JXXIII]

A new mindset, a new time-set
Collection pieces on my wrist
'bout time that I invest in my future
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Cutting all the bloopers
Hanging with Mr. Cooper
TVOne on my TV screen
I cut it off so that God can intervene in my life
And show me what's right
Giving you visuals of what I see on sight
20 years of life, 20 years of life
That's a GIFT
Gift wrapping way after the 25th
Approaching new chapters like a Greek
It's time that we seek the depth in which we speak
And how we living, if grace ain't a gift
Tell me why we living.. huh?

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