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Terrence, the Truth - Underland (Interlude) lyrics

Verse 1 [Terrence, the Truth]:
In all of the events that are about to take place
Certain problems are just too hard to face
World spinning and you act like you don't know what to do
You can only walk when someones helping you
And this is just a little of what happens when you're on pope
Don't ever come down to that and keep hope
Why do we lose faith and do these things to our self
How come we get too addicted before we seek help
We don't seek help we think we can stop and catch up
But not with percocet and cough syrup
When all it seems like you can do is pop pills
Late night chills and overdosing and everything spills
And you know deep down inside every drug you're doing k**s
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It sends messages to your brain and your voice becomes shrill
No good reason blaming it from bullying to not paying any of the bills
What's the point of doing Oxycontin to be what society calls cool or for the thrills?
Why do we chose to do these d** and we know their so addictive
Is it because we're so low about ourselves and feeling negative?
We can be eating hamburgers with a side of sour cream chips
But thanks to all these d** we become eclipsed
Hyrdros, promethezyne, Valiums, with whiskey and vodka
Rum, jack, wine, bud light, daqueri, can't forget tequila
I understand when we do it once we want that same buzz
Because when we finish we feel better than we were or was
But let's come together and stop all of these horrible d**
Before it gets out of hand and before we can understand
And comprehend what's happening we're buried under land

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