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Terrence, the Truth - Make It Right (Under Control) Interlude lyrics

[Verse: Terrence the Truth]
Look, how can you say we are the perfect two and then break my heart
It seems like you cared in the beginning and you loved me from the start
Take your hand subtract three and that's what our relationship should be
Then again that should be our relationship
It's too bad we're drifting like we're in outer space man where's my rocket ship
T.P. I don't like you worth anything I wish you could actually see
That S.W. is the girl for me blessed knowing her but depressed knowing that she gave up on me
If you really cared, you would've talked it out with your parents
Or let me meet them introducing myself "Hello, I'm Terrence
"I'm in love with your daughter and I have been for the past three years
And I know I've made her shed some unexplained tears but we've had plenty of cheers
I just want to let you know how much I care for her, I've even written her letters
Cause I really want us to be better and progress further being together
And I love her all the way to the moon and back times a million
No a billion, no a trillion, no a quadrillion, no how about infinity
Cause my love for her never ends, I guess that's why I live in insanity
But in the end all I'm left saying is te quiero te quiero te quiero (Teh ki-arrow)
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Je vous aime (she voo iy-meh) Wo ài ni (woah I ne) I love you but I bet you didn't know
That I am bi lengal and I can speak many languages like Chinese and French though
Just the few I can speak a little of, and every word I just said means love
They all mean I love you cause I really do, I gave up my friends and everything
And I'm left here rapping and trying to sing while other rappers are enjoying theirself
And I'm rapping about my dark soul and rapping for help to just relieve stress for my own health
Yes I have written songs about you, July 30th and there was Reactions and Surprises
But that's life and you gotta deal with the hand dealt no matter if it is despised
Misery Loves Company and A Little Thing Called Love was another one too
But I hope he dumps you right out of the blue cause he cheats on you and you don't know what to do
And you run back to me cause I'm always here since I promised you and kept it like I said
But the again I never talk and I always listen I guess that's why I'm sulking instead
As the saying goes don't fight fire with fire, all you'll get is a bigger flame
No matter if you were lame or amazing, or of the fame, I'd quit the game and do anything for us to go back to being the same
Childish even explained that there is one dream one soul but two halves, no joke who laughs
Apparently me because I treat you like the amazing beautiful princess you are but I'm treated like trash
But like I basically just stated I'm rapping about my dark soul
And nothing in the world but you could keep me under control

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