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Terrence, the Truth - Find Mine (Part One) lyrics

Verse 1 [Terrence, the Truth]
I just want Shelby to know three words and those words are I love you
And that I wrote this early in the morning started around late one early two
And I wanna beat this kids face
But I don't wanna be too harsh but it's Tyler Pace
I lost myself I talk to people I'm trying to find me
Matter of fact who was I in the first place did I even really have a clue?
Haven't you heard of my relationship issues? oh you never knew?
That's great let's change the subject I don't want to get into detail
I'll state for the record that when it comes to the both of us, one of us have to fail
Like our relationship did, even though I knew it wouldn't last cause we're kids
I mean the purpose in life is not to find peace but to realize anything
Who ever knew that one day I'd be the kid who turned into a king
Who knew I'd have the ability to combine words to a rhythm and watch my sister sing
I never imagined that I'd be an inspiration to these kids growing up in Paragould, Arkansas
Hopefully, they don't have to experience what some of us older people have saw
Have witnessed growing up and not just in Paragould but could be Pocahontas or Jonesboro
It's crazy when you think about it cause someone's being born now but someone else is dying tomorrow
Are there times you just want to crawl in a ball and cry your heart out?
Where you start to wonder why and begin to cry but you don't really know what about?
I have and I do it almost every other month is that bad?
But my reason is that I never appreciated what I really had
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I was outside a lot today and I got ketchup on my shorts
Then I had to run a football field and up and down a basketball court
When finished I'm sweating up a storm looking like Niagara Falls
But when I'm walking people shove me into lockers and trip me down the halls
What did I ever do to deserve the punishment given to me by society
Is it because I'm rapping and society doesn't like me spitting truthfully
Had to make some kind of actual vocal song so I can get these wanna be's off my back
Wanting to rip my tracks to win plaques and give no credit to the kid that's black
That wrote the song for them but most people never give blacks any kind of credit
I never help very many people cause I know in the long run I'm gonna regret it
But not all people are bad there's all kinds of people out there in the world
There's the people trying to live, rich people, and my dream girl
I don't have a lot of entertain words and I state I'm not the best but I'm not the worst rapper
But I want to be the one you help progress and make better
Until that time, I'm gonna make the most out of life and I'm gonna live it with pride
Cause I won't be here forever but while I am, I'm not gonna abandon the stride
I put myself on cause I'm never getting off it's gonna go throughout my whole entire present
Like life except life's a different game you just gotta learn it
People these days wanna try to call me and my friends faggots
But legs have been used more then Childish Gambino's jackets
Who wants to be a rapper it's stupid happening to do this all the time
I'm not complaining cause I really love to rhyme so I use every bit of talent
Wait, what talent? I'm still searching desperately trying to find mine

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