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Terrence, the Truth - Batman and Spongebob lyrics

Verse 1 [Terrence, the Truth]:
I'm gaining fans and I'm gaining women but I want respect
So someone can go and tell the haters not to quit yet
We need to make a change in what the government allows it's a shame
Christians get bashed licking sledgehammers and riding wrecking balls is praised
Now how do I start off on a masterpiece
Already being called a beast but I'm doing me at least
What do certain foods and I have in common we rely on grease
Getting fat off of me no wonder why everyone is obese
Real rappers rise and fakes like Drake and Lil Wayne decrease
They say ninjas move in silence I guess that's why you never heard of me
Rappers listen and start to take me too seriously
They start to take me past monumentally
My kind of rapping you can't teach, the heights you want to reach
You wanna be rappers y'all are funnier then taking Rick Ross and adding bleach
I have worked too hard only to get this far that I'm becoming unstable
Unable to keep this slow rap going I'm becoming unstoppable
Is it funny that all people can see is a mixed kid in the rap industry
Making changes constantly and MC's you normally see start to panic and flee
Hyperventilating frantically I take these nobody's to my nursery before you can say l m n o p
And I k** em Terio can't even compare to the ma**acre partially and lyrically
I'm better than the heat combined with Kobe and Carmelo Anthony
Freaks and the geeks nerds and dorks all the way to the popular
Today we want to be rich we go to such extremes we aren't who we would normally be
Do what you love, love what you do
Love what the world has to offer you
Make your pa**ion beyond amazing make it perfect
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Don't listen to the world they said we're never gonna make it
People ask for my opinion on saying the n word
Well, as long as it is not use rudely I'm find with it being a word heard
Enough of the issues it's time to just go straight from the dome
And if you don't know that that means you can go home and search on Google Chrome
Or Firefox maybe even Explorer if you would rather prefer that
The closer my time gets to me it makes me realize I need to act thankfully
Like for some of my friends Lexie, Mackayla, Jayme and Amerra Pulley
Today we can't even stomach the thought that a love like ours can now be bought
With money and with all the technology we have today it's no wonder why the world is going insane
Watching you walk away through my window no wonder why it's called a windowpane
And I chase you down, pouring rain, and I kiss you cause leaving you would end up leaving me slain
Enough about the lovey dovey now it's time TO ball it up
Call me Kobe cause a**ist is something I've never Heard of
When IT comes to scoring I'm the leader
And in rebounds double double isn't enough
I can hit the jumper and I can hit it fadin'
But I get THE And 1 you can call me Caden
Caden Loyd yeah call me Caden Loyd
Scoring, rebounding, and blocker is deployed
Caden Loyd yeah call me Caden Loyd
A beast like him is like LeBron you want to avoid
Being as strong as him? boy you gon' need steroids
Do I need to make a sequel? do I need To make a thingamabob
A project better then Bill Gates' Dos
But no one can compare to ME, Batman or Spongebob
Need a break? here, I'll let you take a minute
I'm so far I'm in it to win it this whole verse wasn't able to be finished ahhh

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