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Terrence, the Truth - A Little Thing Called Love lyrics

Verse 1 [Terrence, the Truth]:
Man I feel amazing
Like I'm in the matrix
I'm trying to make dreams come true
Like mine was to have you
City of Paragould talent like mine is bogus
Like magic but if it was real you'd be mine like hocus pocus
How did we lose each other in the first place
How did our relationship become such a disgrace
Why is it you make me feel so sky high
But in my relationships why do I even try
I get furious yes I'm very protective
Affective and aggressive deceptive and reflective
I'm very respective but also subjective
But always remember loving you will be my objective
What else can I take for the pain other than Novacane
I wish I could have her but she likes to restrain
When she leaves it's like I lost my pulmonary vein
Justin what if I don't have very good confidence
Do I just have to man up and accept the consequence
It's like a fantasy in front of me but a little too fancy
I want to k** your man call me Casey Anthony
Except when she hits me I'm left and my state is critically
But she takes me out of this world past the Milky Way galaxy
I hate her oh yeah totally that would mean misery
I just hope you know this isn't the end of
A special, wonderful creation A Little Thing Called Love

Chorus 2x:
Can we love through every push and shove
Can we learn about a little thing called love
Can we grasp their happiness and take it above
Can we learn a little thing about love

Verse 2 [Terrence, the Truth]:
You don't love me took that mentally and emotionally
You say we're kinda a family but I want you only to me
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Cause you know if we dated it'd be a catastrophe
Both of us together I wish I could say the perfect two
But if I lost you I wouldn't know what to do
I wish you could've gave me a chance and not your ex
Cause now I really want to hurt myself and you
But I'm hurting myself believing in love
Like you shot me straight out of the blue
Yup, that's how life goes avoiding accidents to gossip
Now hold up there's something I need to redevelop and let up
I know things get harder growing up
I have cause I dated this girl named Shelby
And we had disgusting horrible times
To where it would bring me down too bad to rhyme
Let it go let it go what about these times I remember
Well, where about to go back all the way to September
My birthday is the third yours is the fifth
And the first time I hung out with her
When we played ball and held hands with each other
When we played for hours making each other better
And when I tickled her and she slapped me
What about the times I just wanted to be together
Treating my heart like a simulator
Only to conclude you're just a traitor
That was a single girl my one and only
Then there was Ashley, Baylee, Baleigh, and Bailey
Not discussing cause every single one ended in tragedy
I'm gonna take care of this just trust me
I know it's hard but believe and everything is eligible to achieve
But believing is also lying like you said you were different
Oh yeah like you were single and intelligent
You said you wanted me while you loved another man
Well, you lying good for nothing cheater I hope you never can
I hope you can learn your lesson
But you probably won't by what I'm guessin'
I know I make mistakes and before I quit
I'm trying to communicate with you and correct it
I need some therapy I think I need some medical help
I think I need to quit rapping and get a hold of myself

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