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Terrence, the Truth - Marcis Special lyrics

[Verse 1; Terrence, the Truth]
I am so bad I am so bad/ no need for a notepad/ but I make them homies glad
Cause I got heard/ this is way to much to say in one word
This is an invitation/procrastination/discrimination/bad relation
I'm not a Miguel, can't sing like Adele, or from East Palmdale
I'm not asthmatic but a rap addict
Batter up if you want to take my spot
Or at least take a crack at it
What a crack addict
Everything I say is dope I'm a bad habit
I spit magic I guess I'm Merlin
My flows all up you know, I steal the show
Hotter then j-lo combined with a tornado
Coming out of a volcano
Followin Afroman thinking sheeba sheeba
ABlack and white are like a zebra
If this was a make or bust you would've bust
Cause in the words of Macklemore "You can't hold us"
I wouldn't have been able to do this without Marcis
And he takes me to the otherside
Joining him worldwide
Lil Wayne, Drake and 2Pac were a guide
Even this beat was by Riverside
But now I stand all alone
Cause I am standing here spitting into the microphone
It's just part of being able to own
In or out of the zone

[Verse 2: Terrence, the Truth]
I win and always allow you to lose
Winning or losing you can not choose
I can rap fast and rap slow
I love all of you no homo
Credit to the world and all of you
Y'all are helping me too
Rap,eat,sleep is what I gotta do
I stepped in this with my gucci shoe
Gucci shirt gucci shades my belt gucci too
I might be a teen
And rapping at thirteen
A mixed boy nobodies seen
But I rap clean
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Unlike these washed up so called rappers
Now when you hear rap it is explicit and obscene
I like my rap like 2Pac inspirational
Cause all day I rap over any instrumental
And make mixtapes nobody hears
And it brings me to tears
I still try my luck in the music industry
But it always ends in a catastrophe
Cause I know the world can't handle me
Cause if this was a book it'd never be checked off the shelf
You can handle me, I just can't handle myself
I am still just so young and have much to learn
So if I ever crash and burn
I can have a back up plan
I'm not an American't I am an American
And if no one ever hears what I have to say
Listen to this I will make it one day

[Verse 3; Terrence, the Truth]
Like I am saying all of this is crazy
And you just amaze me
Tell me how ya feel
Cause you know being a rapper it's real
For this who rap game I'd k**
The rapper right here? Is ill
I am not sick I am the flyest
The realist my tracks could go the highest
Anybody has ever seen before
And before I get caught
Just come on give me a shot
If I'm hot on the block or not
This is just something you can't buy or be bought
Cause I care about this a lot
That just lets you know that I gave it some thought
I know that some may not hear me
Or some can feel me
But if they can hear me
And they can feel me
You are on a journey
And can be a legend like Larry
And in music you can be a Biggie
You can be a legend and redefine what you love
Cause all of the pain you came above

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