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Terrence, the Truth - Brick Squad Mafia lyrics

[Verse 1: Terrence, the Truth]
Walking down the street
All the hatas bowing to my feet
Other musicians take a seat
Becase I spit fire flame and heat
Never ever going to stop and be done
And if I stopped was there would be no sun
I'm always on the run
I'm king in the game right here
Aye man there's no reason to be trippin
Like this except this song you sippin
I didn't want it to be like this
But I came into my senses
Now it's 5 A.M. in Toronto
We ball so hard you can ask Alonzo
Tyga green got cheese like a nancho
Stay Strong evens when it's dreary
Let's ask Albert Einstein about this theory
When I got to go and got to grab it
It'll be a major habit
Fasting than the bouncing rabbit
Called Bugs Bunny dag nab it

[Verse 2: Terrence, the Truth]
These haters I be rapping on
Be the ones that I'm decided to be crapping on
But not forgetting the people you be leading on
And leading you haters on top of this new song
Yeah uh this is my dream
Getting that call it'll make me scream
My lungs out of my chest
And don't forget the main theme
When I rap is isn't about s** or 69
It's about my flow and this is mine
Poetic and intelligent that's fine
Nothing about strippers and wine
I got tha fire got that black boy swag
That's what everyone of you haters lag
Jaden you are an over achiever
But I'm a true strong leader and I
Give a little more swim/record a little film/
Your future is more bleak
At the pinnacle I mean the peak
I'm deadlier than every shark on shark week
I'm in my go zone/my beast mode
Don't leave me alone/give me the Morse code
I just rapidly pown/money come by a load
Load after load after load
All aboard the money train we rode
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I just want you to see
My raps are made up in me
They make no since neither does Jaden Smith
What also doesn't makes since is Star Wars
Revenge of the sith
I'm not like other rappers and have a
Drink in my hand
But for my rights and people I'll take s stand
If their my best friend or if their a geek in band
I'm a help them out and give to my community
Like Marc, Allen, Pierce and the rest can be
So thankful and help the dying
And change lives without even trying
No need for also lying
They just help give their time and ball hard
That's why their admiring

[Verse 3: Terrence, the Truth]
No matter what my raps are here to stay
Even to this day
No one can try and treat me wrong
Or I'll use it in a song
I did gain a great friend back
Cause the fight we had was whiggty-whiggty-whack
I mean it was kinda long over the corse of 5 months at least
That's just what you get being a major beast
So if you want your self a song here you go
But I am the only one who can rap if you know
You can at your house but not ontop of a stage
Cause they will have to put me in a cage
Cause what's about to take place
Is a major disgrace
It's Lil Wayne and Drake in the studio
I'm be like yo I should be in there wait I am
If you want? bars well guess what i got em
So drop that ba** like all the leaves in autumn
But i ain't gon collab with you and help you make it
Cause lookin for a mixed boy like me to spit is kinda racist
Man, I can't count any more stacks
Count the stacks, the blacks, the racks
Just YMCMB, Odd Future, and just pure rap
Taylor Gang, wait that one is crap
Sorry Wiz no need for the affenditation
We just don't have a relation
I'd walk up and be like whadddupp
And be like what do ya want
K hole up I got cha
Rap so fast I be like a ninja whatcha
Fast just like the brick squad mafia

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