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Terrance Escobar - A-1 MARKET JUUGIN lyrics

[Verse 1]
n***as selling fuu, p**y n***as hit my phone just to watch how I move (oh no no no)
Finessing through the city with the crew, p**y n***as steady tryna gather clues (oh no no no)
And know I'm having s** with ya buu, [?]
I'm all about the guap, f** and opp and a thot cause [?] motherf**ers when they watch
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And we muggin juugin when we on the block
Had the little set when I seen the cops
Told her throw it back make her feel the cock
I ain't impressed with a little b**h face, so I made her a** change n***a in a bra
See them flexing, n***a I do this sh**
Straight finessing, juugin, off of instagram-

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