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TERENCEKIZZ - Women Got Power lyrics

Women have such God great power
If you really dont know
i see this every day
In the world, on the street VERSE 1.
They go by the sexy style
with the sexy skirt
when they hit the road side
You cant take off your sight
Got the street attention
From the young to the old
People keep-on watching
cant stop immagining
lost the sense of focus
Carried by illusions
as they keep on walking
As they keep on turning
as they keep on winning
People keep on wanting
people keep on asking
People keep on trying
Guys go, run around
Guys go chase around
Guys go wanna prove
Ladies keep-on bancing
Ladies keep on flirting
ladies keep on rocking
on the street you see
what i mean---> CHORUS VERSE 2
Some great power live in them
From the way they look
To the way the talk
From the way they dress
to the things the wear
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From the way they smile
to the way they laugh
From the way they bance
to the way they walk
From the way they wine
to the way they dance
From the way they act
to get the things they want
make the men feel ontop
but they rule the world
Coin your brain to think
in the way they want
Men always wanna please
the ladies they love
even artist get inspired
by the beautiful girls
ladies rule the world
so you see that---> CHORUS VERSE 3
We learn from creation story
That man was a sketch
women final portrait
Thats why we see
they light up your world
they may make you feel ontop
make your world a better place
Make your world to shine
make your world to fail
Give you reason to live
Give you love to feel
Give you strength, you need
in the things you do
Give you motivation
and the zeal to work
so we say-->

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