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TERENCEKIZZ - Understanding To Understand lyrics

TERENCEKIZZ Understanding to Understand Lyrics INTRO:
Understanding to Understand
we need to understand
to get along with one another
Yeah VERSE 1
Only when i put myself down
when i put myself low
when i put myself cheap
then we see that
knowledge and perspective
for a proper understanding
is the ability to perceive things
in their right way or form
So get the rigid picture off your
head to understand
Coz folks never understand
the things the hate
thy be crowned a fool, he who claim
to know what he knows not,
Always learn to listen, thats how
understanding multiplies and
the fighting disappears
when ya got to understand ya self
ya got to understand others
But the world goes around
thats the tragic funny story of
the worlds people
picking up the blank cheques
Dreaming on the blank cheques
Hoping on the bland cheques
building on the blank cheques
Living on the blank cheques
frustrating on the blank cheques
Dying on the blank cheque
whatcha gonna do--> REFRAIN:
whatcha gonna do
when that warm body get cold
Baby G just tell me, whatcha gonna do When the going get rough
when the going get tough
Baby G. whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do
Baby G. whatcha gonna do
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when your warm body get cold
Baby G. just tell me whatcha gonna do VERSE 11.
Must be admitted human lives
depends on their understanding
It evolves on the knowledge and
perspective that they got
that is why
when we start listening
understanding will grow
and the fighting will stop
and the world would be
a better place to be
And the smiles will shine
On the faces you see
Understanding brings peace
Understanding brings love
Understanding brings care
empathize, sympathize
and the feelings will live
honesty will rise
Then the trust would grow
our families will bind
and the breakup will stop
many homes will see
a better day to come
Even partners will see
a splendid day to come
find a way to dialogue
understand their difference
find a way to compromise
and the world would learn
on the basses of facts
understand stereotypes
verify the facts
diagnose the reasons
Never rush to judgment
A better way to get along
is to ask, whatcha gonna do---> CHORUS LINES:
-Whatcha irritate about others only help
ya understand, who ya really are: -Ya Cant make a man to understand when
his salary depends on not understanding -when we think we are right, we think others
wrong thats always gonna bring a fight -we need to understand
Understanding to understand.

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