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TERENCEKIZZ - Players Playz-on lyrics

They got the sense of sight
But the got no sense of feelings
that is why they go around
that is why they come around Chorus
Babe you are in love with a player
They would always come around
They just wanna have some fun
Dont you know you are in love with a player
they would always come around Verse 1
Boyz always ask oh
Gurls always ask
where the good gurlz are
where the good boyz are
The one to be my wife
The one to be my man
That would be all mind
Never share with no one
That would feel satisfy
with the things that we share
Never go down dirty
playin fouls in my back
That would be a real father
That would be a real mother
Father up my kids
Mother up my kids
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loving out of love
deep down in the heart
Through the thin and the torn
when the time get tough
Never care about the checks
or the figure in the banks
That would go by the use
no the name or the brand Intro
Hook VERSE 11.
From the East to the West
From the North to the South
Many talk of soulmate
many want a soulmate
The one to call mrs Right
the one to call Mr right
Matching physicality
to the inner qualities
Is the dream time lover
That we always wanna get
Much folks nowadays
are much more a parody
to the word soulmate
Always fake a poker face
just to get what they want,
when they get down low---> Intro
Hook I would take it off, i(a) i(a), take it off Hook I would take it off, i(a) i(a) , take it off.

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