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TERENCEKIZZ - Not Forever lyrics

Hey, Attention. This is what we got
Even when is hard Babe never give- up VERSE1.
Am tryin to live a life
Guided by my dreams
Shape by the world
that we live in
Respectful to the laws
and the rules that binds
Be friendly to the people
that i meet on the scene
A smile on the face
just to give a bright day
Apologize to the people that
i wrong out there
Thankful to the folks that
lift a weight on me
Honest to a fact to the best that i can
Resentful to the evil
when i know they are vice
I dont mean to be saint
coz i got my own flaws
But every time i try
I try the best that i can
oops---> CHORUS
At times it even hurts to breath
coz its hard
The challenges are many and
the solutions are few
it feels like drowning
in a deep blue ocean
Missing in the desert with
no way to get found
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Beaten in the body
the soul, and the brain
Weaken in the spirit
the will and the faith
It even hurts to think
Coz the brain feels hot
when hope`s gone
depression is what you got
Becareful with the things
you carry on your mind
The pressure that they give
can break your world apart
So never loose the love.
the hope, or the faith
So keep the spirit high
that is why, we say--eh CHORUS 2
Everything with a start, has got an end
Nothing gonna last forever(2x) VERSE 3
Life is a battle and you
need a strategy
The way to the top maybe
narrow but is there
So long as you live, the
battle is always-on
Better not to quit
better get it by the horn
if you fight and run
you gonna fight another day
Many people cant stand the
pressure that it takes
Folks hold your head-up
be the brave soldier
Never be a quitter
face-up to the battle. CHORUS.

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