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TERENCEKIZZ - Letter To Love lyrics

Don`t walk away
from me
My letter to love
Give me the chance to stay
Cos i really want to
Am trying my best, to be
the best that i`ve been
Don`t Walk away.
This is my letter to love
Don`t walk away
Is in my letter to love. VERSE 1. In fact i' ve had enough of this
Am about to walk this door now
Let`s set the records straight
Coz i am tired of this game now.
I wasted all these years
hoping thinking there would be a change.
You want a sugar dad,
The type that would give u all the things u want.
You know i love you
I will always, till the end of time
We had the chemistry
Chemistry itselfis not enough.
To have a mutual love
thats gonna come from two of us.
I`ve had enough of this
is my time i gonna hit the way. HOOK (Repeat:) VERSE 2 We total opposite from the
first time we even met.
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we had our differences
In what we want, what we looking for
The gap is so wide.
that we cannot strike a compromise.
Our personalities is so strong
beyond all reasonings
We walked the same roads
but our hearts walking parallel.
Love is from the heart
but we only keep it to the brain.
We had great moments
great moments are just memories.
I want a life time,
life time is what i am looking for. HOOK 3. Repeat. VERSE 3 There`s no turning back
no stopping now, babe girl.
I got to hit the way
Is the only thing i gotta do.
The bells are ringing now
is my time that i gotta go
I `ve had enough of this
there`s nothing thats gonna change.
Get-out-of-my way.
got to walk this door in peace now.
The cars are horning now
pam pam pam, is my time to go.
I wish you good luck
in the things that you wanna do
Goodbye to my love
You would always be forever. Hook 4 (repeat 2x).

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