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TERENCEKIZZ - I know What You Want From Me lyrics

I know just what you want from me,
But am not giving to you babe
cos, am not that easy You think that, i am worthy
and i merit some more
Come on, You be working for more
Come on, you be asking(Begging) for more VERSE 1
Turn that body round
let me see that body moving
The way you kick to the beat
Babe i say that you are amazing
Your body contour moving
Like you got no bone in holding
The gentle sensual winding
Babe that winding is so grinding
so turn that booty round
Let me see that booty shaking
and grind and pump that booty
Let me see that booty shimmering
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Ama come around ama hold
that booty grinding
Wind and pump that booty
babe that is how we do it---> VERSE 2
Welcome to the floor, pretty lady
how you doing
I love the way you move and the way
you smile, the way you winding.
You structured like a fish and
pretty angel, i love your curvings
The Charming smile that u got , my
little princess, is getting me melting
I wanna come around maybe
we could do some talking. and
If the talking`s sweet
Maybe we could do do some loving
If we blend so well, maybe
you could be my babe
Am linking you so much
Babe i just wanna love you.

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