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Tekno Miles - Ekaette (feat. Tekno) lyrics

She a baga .hmm
That's **** music and *****

It's iyanya

I follow her to calabar
Down to ogoja
Sey she score like kaka
Dribble like okocha
All the girls dem me yobo
She lionel messi
Bad girl, she dey dribble
No dey show no mercy

Ekaette love to dance
Hmmm dance dance dance dance
She say make i give am chance
She want to want to
Follow me wait o, wait o

Lord of mercy
Girl wey dey dribble pa** messi
She know what to do absolutely
She k**s me with her beauty
Me like the way she no waste time
The way she pa** me the waist line
Cos she know say me on time
Online, she consign
Give it to me oya
Oh ma god oya
One touch oya
Ekaette love to dance
Put a badman, a chance
The other men, dem wan chance, wan chance

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Ekaette love to dance
Lika this lika that dance
She sey make i give am chance
Call me scooby doo
And i dey move it

Call me a militant
Call me a soldier
As you see me me no bother
Techno, gospel and iyanya
E don dey sweet moving further
Just to go down low low low
Low low low low low low

Ekaette love to dance: etighi
Ekaette love to dance: do the azonto
Ekaette love to dance: alanta (alanta)
The dance she don't know oo
But she like am
Ekaette love iyanya: kukere kukere kukere
She love d'banj: oliver twist
Ekaette love p-square: you must to chop my money
She like davido: ma dami duro
She like wizkid: ah nana na na, holla at your boy
Even neato c: omo i bad o
W4: like father like son
Mister rayce: baby go baby baby go
2baba: ihe neme ebelebe nya ro
Tilla man: ade abe ni ko ma roll

Its iyanya
Girl i promise if you test me
You will love me

It's iyanya
Triple m g pon this

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