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TEEN - Animal lyrics

Time has become an obsolete entity
So much pa**es by
Without me noticing
He lives in the past
And I
Live there with him
My heart refuses to catch up with reality
What does that mean anyway?

I can get on by
In the daylight
Under the sun
Though in my bed of dreams
He always seems to come
Memory is a tricky game
And I play
The lonely fool
My mind just won't let forget that I'm alone

Is it my love or my youth that I have lost?
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My humanity left out in the dark

Say what you will
Say what you want
I'll never move on
And who was I?
And what are you?
Will I ever know?

So I'll drink up
I'll drink down
I think I'll drink all I can
I'll drown everything
That makes me feel
Like a man

What have I become?
Animal, an animal
What have I become?
An animal, an animal, an animal
An animal

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