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TEEN - One Nation Under Swag lyrics

One nation under swag/SOLO

[Verse 1: DJ Misandry]
DJ Misandry, f** you men
You want a new beat? n***a pay me then
Girl, you don't gotta like SOLO, but you, you know you see us
Marco! (Polo!)
Girls sayin' I got that James Dean Swag
For me they just like chips, they free-to-lay
I got steeze to spare, You actin' like you don't care
But really, I got you f**ing B-listers scared (Stella)
Hotter than Dumbledore's f**ing phoenix
You see talent all you n***as wanna be this (be this)
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Be this, go ahead try, I insist
I brush you losers off brisk (yeah)
This nation was born outta strife
Mitt Romney, that sh** USA don't like
Yo girl say my name
Flyer than a plane
I k**ed this verse
Saddam Hussein


[Verse 2: Masalah]
Cough cough, I'm sicker than a dog
I'm like a f**ing hog from lord of the flies, girl
I'm feeling up your thighs, girl, I don't need no vapor rub

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