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Teen Beach Movie - crusin' for a brusin' lyrics

You better run, run, run
'Cause here we come
Revving our engines under the sun
You're cruisin' for a bruisin'
We're keeping it cool!
Smooth and steady!
Slicked back hair
Man, things are getting heavy!
You're cruisin' for bruisin'
Two wheels and an open road
Wrapped in leather
Ready to go! Don't stop, stop the music!
We ride fast like a bullet
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We do anything we want, anytime we want
Oh yeah, oh yeah!
We just ride, ride, ride all day!
We're not gonna live any other way! [Lela:]
Bubblegum cherry pop
Go to the hop
Hanging with my brother
'Cause his friends are so hot
While they're cruisin', for some bruisin'! [Brady:]
I went to the drive in and what did I see?
A hundred little betties all staring at me!
I was cruising for some lovin'
I got these two wheels and an open road
Just pop that clutch, I'm ready to go!

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