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Tee Grizzley - Straight to it (ft. Bandgang) lyrics

[Paid Will: Verse 1]
Money on the floor I'ma come get it, if a nigga want beef we gone come wit it
Young nigga been shittin gettin dumb chicken, throw a bag at you in two weeks I'ma come visit
6 Mile nigga but I'm plugged in yo hood too, yo mans out the way but you close so we slump you
Big Booty bitch give me head in the front room, she with the pop ups I ain't gotta tell her come through
This shit in my blood, shit I came out a thug
Ain't nobody give me shit, got it all out the mud
I ain't use no piece, got it all off them drugs
And my young dogs strapped, better watch how you mug
Deal coming soon, I'm just waiting on the date, niggas plottin on the chain bitch I'm plottin on the wraith
Feds snatched my niggas, tryna link me to the case
So a nigga lowkey you will never see my face (bitch)
Money on the floor let's get straight to it
Beef on the floor let's get straight to it
Cold thick bitch bring her straight to me
Niggas sneak dissin bring em straight to me (2x)
[Tee Grizzley: Verse 2]
How that nigga Tee get out that RTM and diamond?
I wasn't on that case, keep your dick suckers quiet
When that smoke on the floor we ain't sleepin on it
Bro say he saw the beef, set that boy on fire
Jump out the whip, get his mans, rip them niggas flesh
Free the real, keep the rest, choppa eat the vest
My niggas used to share clothes I'ma state the facts, we was still pullin niggas cards fuckin all the rats
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Fast forward now our goals did got bigger, I been questioned on them murders I ain't fold on them bitches
Great Grandaddy was a slave I admit it, but they count so much white I let my white boy say nigga
In the sleeve doin the dash bout to pop the transmission
Joy road nigga face card through the city
That nigga Will say he got the loud come and get it, but don't even look into it if DaDa ain't fuck with you nigga


[Bandgang Masoe: Verse 3]
Money on the floor, nigga bring it straight to me
We shot the club up but you ain't stick around to see
I fuck with real niggas, streets they call me a G
Free Streets sweet, 1 deep, clean streets
A nigga squealed on em got my dog a 6-piece, you put 6 feet think this grimy game sweet
Know this fit sweet, had it on for bout a week
Hustlin like a bitch how it's got, but can't sleep
Paranoid as fuck, I know all the shit I done did
Heard he got hit with the 9, left me feelin my cid
Won't see no pussy boy around me, we can't take one pic
Keep a thick bitch beside me that's gone take this dick
Tee called, its all good, lemme pull up to y'all hood
Real guy we see eye to eye, very tall stood
Can't forget about the days we made a ticket off the jugg
Connected from East to West, I'm who yo plug call plug


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