Tee Grizzley - First day out Remix lyrics

First day out Remix lyrics


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My family prayed on my downfall Them n***as prayed on my downfall At 5'6, b**h I stood tall Show these benchwarmer n***as how to ball [Verse 1] Go all th shells for the Glock I need this mag filled right Just keep strap just in case a groupie in ya sight n***a You ever been inside a house with no room? n***a you ever watch ya moms fight for her life? My grandmas d**h did something to my spirit Asked n***as to plug me, they act like they couldn't hear me Look at me now, stealing whips and now im sterring You don't want your girlfriend snatched, keep the ho from near me Yo quientin, remember we used to use your L's to hit the road Hit philly and make them big boy tells? Dee, remember when we had them gold things packed in quientins whip we was gettin head in the back Moms was on me, what you know about them dracos and 30's I don't know nothing, I just used to see 'em soot and get dirty I f** with b**hes my body count go from cali to jersey Any further questions, stfu stopped bein worried My n***a dj dee stax, trayvon, bankroll The will Will tell you every single day i had a new hoe How you think I won best dressed with no support? And had them paid lawyers coming in and out of court Aye e'jae , aye diggy ain't it a blessing? We made it outta ohio after all that happened? After auditions, after the shows After them crazy a** statements that we was told [Beat change] [Verse 2] Aye jr n***a, ain't it a blessing? I made it out of trenton after all that happened? After billionz d**h, after phillly When the pilots talked to yuu, them bands they took from u Im 5'6 b**h, but my money tall as 6''6 Gotta thick b**h all up on my dick She gone s** me then kiss yuu all on ya lips Then i kick that b**h out cause that b**h ain't sh** But ill f** a n***a girfriend if he at out Yes I caught cases in a room with them k**ers Bro k** me if I snitch, 'cause if you snitch I'm gon' k** you Spent a lot of time up in jersey with them k**as Stood tall, did I let n***as hoe me, quit being silly I know for a fact your b**h p**y get wet for a n***a 'Cause I do it better, plus I'm doing better than n***as I'm at home when I'm down in jerseydelphia n***a Im the king, they gone drop you and who next to you n***a Unc said lil wavvy, get ahead of them n***as When you take off, don't look back and try to rescue them n***as You took his b**h? Then make sure you get the rest of his b**hes Don't let them get the best of you, just get the p**y lil n***a So let me know what you can take, okay come take it Here go some extras, so if I'm busy you can manage Fiends dancing, bling dancing, eating sixty dollar salad Get it there and back, tell his b**h I need a challenge His first offer was 30 years, not a day lower I told that b**h holler at me when she sober On parole, he a felon, you think he ain't got that blower? Yo, dee take his head off his f**ing shoulders(Boom boom boom!) You hear me? hit the jordan store with the jordnas on What was your shawtys name? "a b**h im f**iin on" You hear me? aye I heard I had some sneak dissers Whoever feeling hot, my pen got a heat sensor Colbert said don't entertain them bummy n***as I wish I would pay attention to these homie n***as Don't call my phone, I don't want to do no song with n***as And tell yo b**h to tighten up cause I just boneed her, n***a I don't know you n***as, f** wrong with you n***a? Through these statuses I can see the hoe in n***as Shoutout to ma mom ,cause she raised a n***a Shoot the smile off your face, I don't play with n***as Boy I can't trust you with that b**h if you don't got no bodies Boy I can't take you on no lick if you ain't robbed nobody You ain't no shooter, you can't do that sh** without no molly I came home and f**ed his b**h and neve told him sorry Thirty months ago the never thought that I was coming home Shout out to his b**h that im cumming on Get er to the crib, bust er down, now b**h run along This dick will have her shaking like there's something wrong 60 bands two times, watch this money clone Ya b**h left my buring when theoven on b**h I came home to my motherf**ing gradma gone n***as say they looking for me, come thru to ma crib im home Who said I'm a snitch? You just heard a lie from him Better check the black and white That paperwork will vouch for him Zero toleration for that n***a, take his life from him He don't want that pistol play? okay I'll Tyson him I ain't hear from b**hes when I had them uni on So soon as I'm done f**ing, put your shoes on Famous in more than two states, i can't move wrong The feds trying to build a case, I can't move wrong Yo he went to trial back to back, b**h he two and oh The state of new jersey banned him from every open store See he can't even be in public with my hoodie on I know them haters hating on em They dunno what he on [Hook] My family prayed on my downfall My family prayed on my downfall At 5'6, b**h I stood tall Show these benchwarmer n***as how to ball

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