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Tedy Andreas - Moon Walking lyrics

[Produced By: Alex Emami]

[Verse 1: Tedy Andreas]

Fuck a diamond in the rough, Im as clear as they come
Got codeine on my blunt, when its lit it'll bubble
And I just fucked the game up, You see its teeth in my knuckles
The stewardess be tryna fuck soon as she looked at my luggage
Picture me now, you thought I was an innocent child
Gettin hard not to floss, Im a boss like that
Dropped thermometers colder than Ottawa with my raps
After the concerts hoes hoping I might bridge that gap
Keep it straight to the point, never analyze a crook
But if she ain't shaved, I might beat around the bush
Theres mistakes I've made me who I am misunderstood
If you don't learn the hard way, you'll just repeat what left you shook
The hell raiser, thats something ya'll ready know though
Two thousand dollar outfit I just bought for a photo
Burn paper for real, burning holes through my journal
Im just a preacher with the verbs, my sixteens be a sermon
Yah see I'm trying to go global
Im drinking lean not a cholo
Yah, Im getting mean cause my throat hurt
Still do it for the art, the studio like my dojo
Thought I said I give you all of this, and all of that
Gami we the Gods of rap
All my targets washed up at the laundry mat
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It be a couple days before your baby mommas back
Ay, watch me walk on water
Fathers always hating me for getting high with they daughters
Anywhere Im at, televised automatically
Open Instagram and try to get a smile out of me
Im the king of new school, but take it back to the basics
Only time I get a boost is when I look at my statements
(Presidents to represent me)
Im bout my bacon when the honeys get a taste they running back like Ladainian
Hit it Emami for the beats, than I lay something
My closet full of Jordan boxes with his face on em
Feel like my brothers always versus the state
Shots to the face
Shortening my life's expectancy rate
Kill old girls with words Im tired of catching a case
When she hear my new song, she wanna come fornicate
Baby girl Im on tour from California to Boston
Recall in 11th grade not answering when I called ya
Honor Origami we the Prophets
Always keep a dime piece, rolling ganja
I just state whats motherfucking obvious
You worry about your followers, you need to get your dollars up
Yah uh, Im tired of giving advice
Sometimes I look outside to see if Im living my life right
Electrifying rappers, brought my gat to a knife fight
Who gon' win?
It's obvious, we all gonna sin, but Im gone
Yah ay, said Im gone

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