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Tedy Andreas - MEDUSA lyrics

Brother, what's wrong with you?
Whenever someone offers you money you take it!

[Verse 1: SLAYTER]
I fuck in the Versace
Medusa on Ferragamo sheets (Designer!)
Got a couple down bitches
Trying to be down for me
She said her pussy wet
"You should come and drown in me."
But I just need her to take some pounds out of town for me
I don't know what you heard about me
But I can upgrade u like Wayne in Drought 3
I'm sipping on that lean
It got me drowsy
I don't know where shorty would be without me
Ain't wanna go against me
I done raw some bitches you be seeing on TV
I know 'bout some rapping niggas
You be jamming they CD
All my bitches out the country
My last girl was Vietnamese (Pho)
Cause I'm a motherfukcing P.I.M.P
Double cups up
Rest in peace Pimp C
Got me on my wave
Free that nigga Max B
Young nigga ruthless
Rest in peace Eazy-E

[Interlude: Tedy Andreas]
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Yeah... 6 PM in Harlem shit man
From Houston
Where we paid our dues and never the taxes
V Don, close the door
Let no more fucking smoke out man

[Verse 2: Tedy Andreas]
Y'all know target practice my favorite game, yea
And I don't even aim, nah
I just spray-and-shoot
At whoever think they bulletproof
I'm a clone-killer
These days nobody different
And the chrome ain't come with it
That's 20G's on tire spinning
I really got ho's that dissed me a year ago
Sliding on Instagram like they my fans
Baby just know that DM you sent me
Translated to "Come get a piece of these yams"
Conflict after conflict
When you on lists with your idols dawg
Percocets on my mama's dresser
I flipped them hoes out the bathroom stall
A lot of things I can't piece together
A lot of women want to be together
A lot of critics want to wreck my effort
But I understand the frustration of failures
Don't trip on spending cash
Reset yourself like VHS
Fast forward to my final breath
And I'm buried in Medusa heads
I'm gone

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