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Tech N9ne - Actin Like You Know lyrics

[Mackenzie O'Guin]
I know I walk a line
On edge all the time
Waitin for the next fight
(Waitin for the next fight)
Walk it off casually
You can call it apathy
I'll never lose face for you to see
(I'll never lose face)

[Interlude: Mackenzie O'Guin]
I don't forgive and forget when the wounds run deep
I need you far less than you need me

[Chorus: Mackenzie O'Guin]
You're actin like you know me when you really don't know (really don't know)
Every sinner casts out the very first stone (very first stone)
Actin like you know what we're really all about (really all about)
Think before you open up your mouth
You're actin like you know

[Mackenzie O'Guin]
I think you need to learn your place
Talkin 'bout how I was raised
Can't taint the blood in my veins
(Can't taint the blood)
You don't get the world I'm in
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Don't know the extremes I've lived
Strange is all I have in the end
(Have in the, have in the, have)



[Tech N9ne]
How you gon', come talkin 'bout
Pointin at me with ya number one out
Tellin me I'm the worst like I'm some kind of a curse
But really not knowin me, you're takin the dumb route
It's always the people with skeletons
who be hella shaky like gelatin
Doin a lot of embellishin
Wishin I fell and then damn me to Hell again
If you're in a gla** house
might not wanna lash out
End up with a smashed couch
all because of your bad mouth
Judgin me, you don't need to
That's the job that G-O-D do
Everybody is steady peekin that reads you
cause you see-through

[Chorus] - 2X

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