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Tech N9ne - 1zie lyrics

So what's up with it baby?
I'm saying, I'm trying to holler at you
I mean, what's good?
(I don't know babe, I mean
You got all these girls over here
I'm not trying to be a groupie)
No, no no no no you're not a groupie
A groupie comes for the whole group
You're just here for me, you're my 1zie

[Hook: Irv Da Phenom]
My 1zie, my 1zie
Know what she want, and she know where she wanna be
My 1zie, my 1zie
Girls all around me, but she's the only one I see
Only in town for a night, my 1zie
So I know it makes you shy, my 1zie
Girl we grown, so come on
You're nothing like a groupie, cause you're my 1zie

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
I got a big tour bus baby won't you come see?
Even though you know a lot of women want something from me
You don't know me that well cause I'm hella underground like Bun-B
Such fun we could have, it'll be a blast if I could play with you like Jumanji
I'm hood and techie, that's grungy
She's good and preppy, Abercrombie
Pressing her would be s**y she's hailing from Montre-al
And when I say “y'all” she laughing at me sounding country
She said she don't do the groupie thing I'm grumpy
My face looking like Ashton Kutcher just punk'd me
It haunts me when a woman's just with me
And I don't get none because she's feeling groupie
But you're just with me, so you're my 1zie

[Hook: Irv Da Phenom

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[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
They always care about what everybody think
Don't wanna hook up with rappers on tour with scary body ink
Missing out on a good guy, that when I kiss ya very naughty pink
But some of them be those evil B.O. people, hairy, probably stink
But I ain't talking about you, because you're gorgeous
And I don't wanna hear the groupie thing, it's just me baby don't forfeit
Just come towards this, extend me like a swordfish
Ignore chicks who say you're a big groupie, loosen up in gorged dick
How we kiss it lightly, don't try to fight
These feelings that you're feeling from this Kansas City iced tea
I shouted sugar honey ice tea!
You're just with me and not the group
So you're a 1zie, groupie slights me

[Hook: Irv Da Phenom]

[Verse 3: Tech N9ne]
And this dude be true, with you I wanna do thee do
But if you really wanna do the crew, that's cool, cause we do groupies too
I'm just saying that I wanna get it on with think and juicy you
38-24-36 and you don't got booty dew
A groupie does the group baby, but I am one
I'm a go back to my bunk so try and come
With me and the feelings we denying none
You maybe crying some cause it feels so good
And now I leave you lying sprung
Go tell your girls you did the humpty dumpy
How you layed me down, undressed me, then you sunk me
Jumped off in it like a bungee, down under like I was Dundee
Don't say groupie baby girl you're just my 1zie

[Hook: Irv Da Phenom]

Ooooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh (yeah)
Ooooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh hoo-hoo ooh (that's right)
Ooooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh (You're just my 1...z-i-e)
Ooooh, ooh ooh

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