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Tech N9ne - Akka Damn Fool lyrics

[Verse 1: Big Scoob]
Unleash me, let the world know who I'm is
I'm here to get it for the city with the head of the git
Repping Villain Dog'n venom bout to k** em again
If you missed me on the last one, where the f**k have you been
Gut of Godzilla, they don't make many realer
I'm a hard hitter, plus I'm good with the milla
This is God's picture, I'm tryna bring to you n***as
It's a hard mission, I don't have room for your feelings
See the road with me, or take a picture of the train
Bringing souls with me, of all my villains in the gang
Represents the team, I got the streets on lock
You ain't gotta like it, they gon love it on the block

And up in the morning, in the evening it's a twist, top by my down and my ride's so sick, Gangstas don't dance but we all do this
(What's that?)
Akka Damn Fool
Say what I want, do what I want, play how I want, live how I want, slang if I want, bang if I want
(And I'm strapped?)
Akka Damn Fool (Big Scoob,Damn Fool) x5

[Verse 2:Big Scoob]
I been sipping all day so I really gives a f**k, bout your man and your problems (b***h shut the f**k up)
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I ain't listening but I'm wishing I could get up in them guts, but you bickering and b***hing (b***h shut the f**k up!)
Double fiskey with my whiskey as I'm posted at the bar, I been drinking all day but I still want more
See these youngins looking rowdy but I know they heard about me, I'm the show me homie n***a, I dare you p***ies doubt me
Still drinking, breath stinking boy I'm sloppier than a motherf**ker
Hit the lot, mash it out, lay it down, hella rubber
F**k a designated, I get liver than MacGyver do
A 100 up for sale like a Nascar driver


[Verse 3]
Baby mama bringing drama when I fall through the door
I been drinking so I'm thinking should've f**ked me a w***e
We route a movie, keep it moving, slides back to the whip
I thought you knew me b***h I'm Scooby I don't need this s**t
Say I'm arrogant, I keep my nose in the air
That's irrelevant, watch how you talk to a playa
B***h I'm heaven sent, that's why my nose in the air
And I'm elephant, I'm getting the f**k up outta here
Old school, damn fool, drunk and smashing through the birds
Tryna make it to my soil but my visions hella blurred
Dale Jr. at Daytona I'mma beast around the corner
One mistake and I'mma goner, nothing's left a organ donor


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