Tech N9ne - 2Pac - Cypher 2 lyrics

[Verse 1: DJ Chop Up as 2Pac]
2pac's back still the motherf**in Don
And now it's time for a new motherf**in song
DJ Chop Up husstlin the beats
Still strapped you can't f** with a G
Check on Youtube
Punk motherf**ers getting mills of views without sk**s they through
I give a f** I still aim triggers, on you lame n***as, on the same n***as
Will I die? will I die? f** no
Still I rise, still I rise
Westside till I die, till I die westside
Get em up, hit em up, livin it up I give a f**
Smoke on the best dosia
The blunts so fat'l f** the world over
Who's running the game? I say Pac mayne
Chop mayne, get the motherf**in Glock mayne

[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
One, and then comes the two to the three and four
2Pac and Tecca Nina is hardcore with a K
See me step up on the track like a thug
Make it pound at West-End then make a dub
To the homies in jail, when you making bail
Time to act an idiot, a lot not just a little bit
Watch when Kansas City hit, Tech N9ne's gonna spit it
You want this record? Cool, go get it
Hot when the flame's lit, Glock where the bane sits
Shock when the pain quits, Pac would've banged this
Hot when the flame's lit, Glock where the bane sits
Shock when the pain quits, Pac would've banged this
BOW! Yo, you don't know!
That I'm 'bout to blow, K. C. M. O.! Better bang this!
People make their jokes and say we off to see the wizard
Well, me and 2Pac and Toto's on yo a** when you visit!

[Verse 3: Crooked I]

They always ask who's the best, Crooked, Buddens or Nickel?
I'll tell you later 'cause right now a hooker's s**ing my pickle
I put my tongue on her nipple, had that kitty kat barking
We did it in handicapped parking since I was f**ing her crippled
n***a, this is the art of official rhyming
Harder than crystal diamond, you artificial or more
I'm harder than tryna guard a missile flying on target
Smarter than mixing science with calculus
I am alchemist, a czar with the heart of a vicious lion
This lunatic shooter's the stupidest and I'm pursuing this
Ludicrous lucrative future with hooligan fugitive pugilists
You and your crew are just numerous uterus
p**y like stewardess, wussy it's humorous
I'm laughing when the trigger click
You lose a kilogram of human waste that mean you sh** a brick
You went to war and got a star for the sh**
Biggie and 'Pac would pray hard for this sh**

[Verse 4: Vinnie Paz]
A rebel that yell, take you through the levels of Hell
Take your commissary p**y like it settled in jail
I'm a heavyweight, Vinnie don't need to get on a scale
A man of God but usually the Devil prevails
I don't work, all y'all motherf**ers work for me
I love d**h, you motherf**ers get murked for free
I don't follow trends, I just do what work for me
I don't live on Earth, the motherf**ing Earth in me
Louie Dogs don't relate to y'all cause I'm a godly creature
I chop a motherf**ing brick like a karate teacher
I wouldn't call what you doing sick, you just got a fever
I have my mother's heart and I have my father's features
You know I got the hammer in the jeans
And more white sh** than in the Canada latrines
I go bananas for the cream
I don't have a moral fibre, Vinnie take your Nana for her cream yeah

[Verse 5: Kurupt]

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